Monday, August 13, 2012

It's a beginning

Gosh I've been completely and utterly slack with the Choose Your Own Bag Adventure sew-along!

I finally chose the fabric for the front flap of my Baguette from the stash.

Then I chose the rest of the fabrics, interfaced them, and cut them out.

The main body of the bag is going to a plain black. It's something that I picked up in the remnants bin eons ago and I'm really not quite sure what type of fabric it is. I foresee that the slipperiness of it may cause me some problems when sewing around the curves (thank goodness it's an OFM* project).

The rich red will be a nice surprise on the inside.

I seem to have lost my bag mojo after cutting out, as I put this one aside, and moved onto the pile of school uniforms that needed mending instead.

Hmmm gotta get back to it pronto!

PS - If you've finished your bag and I haven't added it to the list on the sidebar, please email me your link and let me know.

*OFM only for me so it doesn't matter so much if my curves are a little dodgy

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Leonie said...

Looks like it will be a gorgeous bag. I've got the baguette pattern waiting to be made up too. I forgot to enter this, is there still time?

Nikki said...'s a very good place to start, and it will be a fabulous finish.
I nearly always have a break between cutting and sewing. I think they require different sorts of creative energy.

nicole kane said...

ooh! it'll look fabulous and i'm sure the corners won't be dodgy at all!