Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Pop-Up Shop and a B-Fabulous Wedding!

The Pop-Up Shop is all set up and ready to go for today

If you can't make it in to Olive Grove today, Anna will also have the studio open on Sunday from 10AM-4PM

The zineFan goodies are all ready and waiting too!

Unfortunately I won't be at the Pop-Up Shop in person as I'll be at the B-Fabulous Wedding.

I went down the totally handmade route for the pressie and I cannot wait to show it off (I really should let the Bride and Groom see it first though)...

But, I am spilling the beans on the personalised card that I designed for them.

Keep an eye out on Instagram (@curlypops) for Wedding day pics!


Michelle said...

Have a B-Fabulous day!!

yardage girl said...

Love the card ~ can't wait to see pics! Have a wonderful day!

Lisa said...

Your stall looks fabulous, should attract lots of customers. Also love your handmade card, great design and colours. Hope you have a fantastic day out.