Monday, November 19, 2012

Did someone say bibs?

You guessed it.... I've been making bibs again!

These are the latest prints of my very own designs.

There's only one of each until my next fabric delivery arrives on November 28th.

Ready and waiting in the shop!


Michelle said...


(sorry for the screaming caps)


Tas said...

Oh wow. They are glorious. That rainbow bib! Almost enough to make me try to get pregnant again (Almost)

Naturally Carol said...

You must be doing a roaring trade in bibs these days! By now you must be able to make them in your sleep. They're still gorgeous!

Annie Clough said...

I have found a reason to buy some of your fabulous bibs, but have to wait for the last baby to arrive sometime this month. As soon as I know whether a boy or girl, I will be purchasing a few of these one of akind bibs. Nothing else like them out there, they are so unique.