Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design - Week 2

Just catching up on the second week of The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design.

The week involved lots of playing around and sketching, which was perfectly timed to co-incide with my Intragam infusion (one of the nurses actually called it Instagram last week), and sitting around waiting for other medical appointments.

From the pages of rough sketches, I chose one motif to work with, and created this pattern.

It's really interesting to stand back and look at it in different colour combinations. The top left one actually hurts my eyes (which means it REALLY must be too bright), but I think the bottom right would be perfect for a dress.

It's amazing how a simple sketch can be transformed!


sister outlaws said...

Yes! I can imagine your brain is going crazy with the possibilities - and yes! These would make great fabric Cam! And instagram infusion - that's pretty funny!

Carly Findlay said...

I love how you keep yourself busy waiting around for and during hospital appointments! I do try to get some reading cine, but mostly I'm just gobsnacked at how awful daytime tv is!

I love the bottom right one too. I think a blue and green one would also look good :)

Melissa G said...

Lovely work. Although I do love hot pink and orange. I do agree that the bottom patterns are easier on the eyes.

JaBCreations said...

I really like the 'hurty eye' one. Definitely makes you pay attention.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

o.0 so bright! my eye hurt now ;)