Monday, November 12, 2012

A Wiksten Tank for me

Random stash fabric (maybe from Spotty remnant bin years ago)?

I promised myself earlier in the year to take more time to sew clothes for me.

I was planning on making myself a new dress to wear to B-Fab's upcoming wedding, but I haven't had the mojo to take on a big project like that at the moment, and there's about a billion non-crafty things being organised in the background at the moment that have had to take priority.

So for some reason last week, I also decided that I wanted to make myself a simple top. I found the Grainline Tank and the Wiksten Tank online (both are downloadable - yah!)

I ended up choosing the Wiksten Tank as that also has an option for a longer tunic style top/dress.

For some reason, they both have tiny pockets on the boob. Call me crazy, but who wants a boob pocket? I don't need to be drawing any more attention there! So, as you can see, I eliminated the boob pocket on mine.

I'm assuming that the instructions have been written for those that don't have an overlocker as you sew a seam, then fold over and sew another seam (I also topstitched the seams as I think it looks nice). For my next one, I'll just sew and overlock. Easy peasy.

I also took the lazy option and just used pre-made bias binding. I have a tonne in the stash, and my local oppy also has another tonne.... so I'll never run out!

This is the XL size, and it's a bit big but nice and comfy. I think I'll try a L next.... and I just happened to find the perfect fabric for it at Spotty today!


tea with lucy said...

I just made my fifth wiksten tank last night. it's a wardrobe staple for me! yours looks great.

... i always struggle a bit getting that curvy hem finished neatly.

rachel xo

Tas said...

Really pretty. Might be a good staple for the summer wardrobe at this end...

Michelle said...

Boob pocket ... LOL!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

It looks great Cam, and it will look amazing if you are using that Lisette fabric for your next one? I'm going to check the patterns out. I want to sew more for me too :)

nicole kane said...

teehee boob pocket
glad i'm not the only one michelle!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very nice top :) i have never understood pockets on boobs on bigger clothing, not an area you want to draw attention to o.0

Kathy said...

What a great top - and I love the fabric :) always satisfying using something from your stash.