Friday, December 17, 2010

The Final Market of the Year

So tomorrow is it - the grand finale for 2010.

At this stage, I have a total of zero markets booked for next year, so if you'd like some CurlyPops goodies, then make sure you come along to the Daylesford Twilight Makers Market from 4PM tomorrow arvo / evening.

I'm taking along all of my clearance stock, so you'll be able to pick up some bargains too!

Just a reminder - it's a twilight market, so it begins at 4PM.


Tania said...

CP, I hope it goes FABULOUSLY. There's gotta be something special about that town hall dressed in sparkly twilight lights...

Nikki said...

Hope it goes well for you! :)

Sandrine said...

Wishing the best Grand Finale Cam.I sdid mine last feels like a big releif in a way :)

Cate said...

Oh one of these days I'll make a trek out to daylesford - it is very pretty after all :-)
Good luck with the day