Friday, December 31, 2010

Revealing - part four

I almost forgot the final pressie to be revealed!

This one was a joint effort between myself and Mr X. My sister has a birthday directly after Christmas, so I wanted to make her something useful using her son's creative talents.

He printed out an alphabet of some weird font and traced Mum and her name onto the fabric using fabric markers, and drew the heart around it (which of course I thought was really cute). I drew the flowers (surprise surprise).

Unfortunately there was a little bit of fabric crinkle when I heat-set the fabric markers, but I'm hoping that it just adds to the handmade charm.

My sister really liked it which was all that mattered!

* There is actually a little loop at the top to hang it near the stove, but it's been cut off in the photo - whoops.


Jennie said...

The idea of tracing the font is genius! Well done Mr X (and CurlyPops)!

Tas said...

Gorgeous present. If I was your sister, it would be put up high on a hook where it could be admired but no-one would dare use it!