Monday, December 20, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas to me - part 1

Well, the final market of the year in the lovely Town Hall in Daylesford is over.

I've been very good to resist temptation at most of the previous markets, but I decided that it was high time to reward myself for my year of hard work and determination. It's so nice to be able to just buy something pretty for yourself for once!

The very lovely Emma from Psychoglam was beside me, and I couldn't resist her gorgeous silver and crystal creations. I'm totally in love with this gorgeous necklace and earring set. Sel tells me that it reminds her of kryptonite, which is quite perfect for my SuperPops alter-ego.

I'm in a mad rush thismorning, so I'll be back with the rest of my goodies later!


our shabby cottage said...

Oh yes, I agree the Kryptonite is perfect for you! It is stunning and good on you for rewarding yourself, you have to now and again!

Jennifer Rose said...

that is a gorgeous set! love all the colours they reflect :D

Sandrine said...

That is great, we all need a little treat for the hard work!Happy rush ... me too... :)

makeminemid-century said...

That dress is quite a find! So pretty. I think it'll suit you.

Anna Bartlett said...

I love that necklace! I'd wear it ALL THE TIME if I were you. Possibly even to bed. Merry Christmas to you, Cam. You've made my year just a bit nicer for being a part of it. Every good wish to you (and lots of good blood, by the way. Unfortunately I'm one of those that lived in the UK and can't donate, otherwise I'd be there with bells on. This has turned into a wierd comment, huh? Sorry. Happy days my friend.)