Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Spring Collection

Cushion Cover - Hexie Raspberry Splice

I've been hinting about new designs for a little while now, and I'm so excited that I can finally show you what I've been working on.

 Cushion Cover - Hexie Waterfall

I wanted to put together a collection that was bursting with colour for Spring (enough with the blandness of Winter already)!

Cushion Cover - Hexie Cappucino

I've been watching Project Runway Allstars and I was totally inspired by the way that Mondo Guerra uses graphic clashing patterns and colour together (hence the hexies and the chevrons - what's not to love?)

Cushion Cover - Colour Block in Lime

I seem to also be ever so slightly obsessed with Pantone 583

Cushion Cover - Spring Bouquet

Of course, I couldn't resist designing a floral to add to the collection too.

They're all ready and waiting in the shop!


yardage girl said...

Love Mondo and love your spring collection ~ well done!

Melissa G said...

I like the lime one best.
Looking at the hexie cushions takes me back to my childhood - reminds me of the walls of the old TARDIS IN Dr Who.

Naturally Carol said...

All amazing..but I would have to pick 'colour block in lime' as my absolute fave.

Lurline said...

Hugs - Lurline.

zigsma said...

Gorgeous bursts of colour!!

willywagtail said...

Very retro looking. Lovely sunburst of colour in the lime one. These woyuld look great both in an industrial setting as well as retr/vintagey. Cherrie

Bron said...

They are all gorgeous...Spring Bouquet would be my favorite. xx

Jenny said...

Gorgeous! So creative!

sister outlaws said...

Sexy hexie!!! It's inspried me to make something for you....will post about it later!! These look terrific - great combo of colour pattern, nostalgia and modernity!

Rachel said...

so much fun! I particularly like the second from last one.

Margaret said...

So bright , so clean love them all.

sister outlaws said...

Made these with you in mind Cam!
Although you probably want a combination of orange and pink???