Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crazy like a Golf Ball

I promise that I did actually iron it... even though it doesn't look like it.

This secret little project has been in the pipeline for a little while now...

Jess's Dad is approaching a milestone birthday this year. She wanted to organise a totally custom and totally unique pressie for him, and so she hatched a little plan.

We were both on the lookout for the perfect vintage teatowel. If either of us could find one with a golf theme, then we knew that we'd hit Op Shop GOLD!

Unfortunately, I'd had zero time available for decent op shopping, but luckily Jess found this absolute gem. Vintage 100% Irish Linen.

The next part of the mission belonged to me..... just what sort of fabric would you team with a Golf themed tea towel?

Huh? What was your answer? Why, it's crazy golf balls of course!

Surprisingly, there wasn't much time spent trawling the internet before I chanced upon this one.
Those cheeky quilters - they have a fabric for every single theme you could ever dream of!

But seriously folks. What would you make with golf ball fabric? I still have some offcuts left so I'd love to know!


The Creative Beast said...

That is a great gift you've made Cam!! And you can always make small bags to carry around the wooden golf tee's with the left over fabric =-)

trudi@maudeandme said...

What about a tissue dispenser, for all those frustrated golfers out there, or if you have enough a punching bag...?

Car said...

Great find & great apron!

you could always make those little covers for the 9 iron (actually I dont know if that is wha they are called? Just remember they had little pouch over one of them???)

Lyndel said...

cute Daddy Apron! love it. the gold fabric would be great to cover a pocket notebook, all golfers seem to have one, or a folder of some sort for their scorecards. .. I think!!

Lyndel said...

gold fabric?? maybe I mean golF fabric..;)

teddybearswednesday said...

OH Cam it is just the most EXCELLENT apron ever!! I couldn't not stop smiling when it arrived.
I love how you went to the trouble of getting the golf fabric and how you got how mad he is about golf ( played 2 days in a row which meant waking up at 5am)
Showed it to my mum last night, and she was beside herself.
NOW I just have to hold out and wait for his bday.
thank you sooooooooo much!!!!! you're just the most awesome xo
PS SOme covers for nine irons, or some coasters, or a stubby holder? men and their golf, it is a sickness x

Naturally Carol said...

A mug rug or a cup holder..anything really for a mad golfer!

Naturally Carol said...

Oh..just a thought..a hottie cover..after all golfers get cold too!

Adele - A Lass from Downunder said...

Love the apron and so will the birthday boy :-)
How about lining a sunglasses pouch that has a golf themed picture you've created as the outside?? Golfers need their sunnies ..

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

It looks fantabulous!
I saw that fabric months ago, and thought it was fab and would be great to make some thing for a golfie (but the only golfie in my life is not a handmade fan)
I reckon little zippered pouches would look great in this fabric, for the golfies to put their tee's in? (dont be scared of the zips)

Miss Prudence said...

long shorts to wear on the golfing green! LOL Can't you just see some larrikin doing 18 holes in them!

Jennie said...

This is brilliant Cam!!
And well done to Jess for finding the perfect tea towel!!
My partner would love something like this (for when we eventually get a barbie!) he hasn't played in years, but loves the game.
Well done to both of you - what a team!!

(i think a hottie cover would be great too!)

Unknown said...

I'm thinking, clever designer for making their golf fabric in grey so that it goes with everything. With the leftovers, you could make a notebook cover, a lunch bag, coasters, little drawstring bags for storing golf balls in or for gifts....