Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Brooch Swap is Here

I was so excited when I arrived home yesterday afternoon to a letterbox bursting with hotties.

I brought all the packages inside and plonked them on the kitchen bench, and spotted one from NZ.
I wasn't expecting a hottie..... from NZ was I?

I quickly grabbed the scissors and cut it open..... where all was revealed.

Check out the gorgeousness!

Clare from Green Valley Crafts has matched the swap to my taste perfectly. She also included a lovely little floral needle book (which will be perfect to organise my hand stitching needles to take along for NCB this week).

Thankyou so much Clare - I love it!

PS - Thanks so much to Susie from Flowerpress for a swap well done
PPS - Pop on over and visit Clare - her photos are stunning!


trudi@maudeandme said...

I'm kicking myself that I missed this swap. Lovely brooch.

Tas said...

Such a cute brooch! Lucky you.

Andi said...

Very gorgeous and very you!!!

Naturally Carol said...

I love the layering and the simple stitching which emphasises the colours and shapes..really cool!

SewnBySaliba said...

I too wish I had joined in this swap! Looks like a lot of fun!!

Mistea said...

MMM very pretty brooch.
Lucky you.

Colette said...

Oh lucky you - I love that one!