Saturday, June 11, 2011


The bubbas little boys turned three yesterday!

They had a dress-up party with their friends at kinder, and then we just had a small family afternoon/dinner lastnight.

All they wanted for their birthday was a guitar each..... oh, and a pony (they didn't get the pony).

The Chef's Outfits were a hit..... were the noisy horns!

Happy Birthday Bubbas!


Miss Prudence said...

Oh I love this picture of them looking at each other!
Are these your boys? I didn't realise you had twins! I must live under a mighty big rock!

bec said...

Oh, that last pic of 'Mini-Cam' and Mini-dad' is hilarious! They look so pleased with each other! Happt birthday boys!

Sue said...

There's nothing like a birthday to cheer us up. I love the pic of the boys with their cakes. So happy.

Fiona said...

The chef outfits are really great, Cam! Looks like your nephews are having a great time.

Ady said...

Great pics, Cam! Happy birthday to your delightful nephews. They're so cute. Love the chefs outfits.

Anna Bartlett said...

That last photo is fantastic! And the hats and aprons look superb. What joys these little boys are!