Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More From Make It In May

It's full speed ahead on the Make It In May Skirt Sew-Along... lots of finishers before we reach the end of the month, and a great range of totally different skirts today!

Kwik Sew 3914

Skirt 1

This is Kwik Sew 3914 by Coco from Coco's Loft.  Such a lovely flowy style, and I must admit that I love that one of the pattern adjustments she made was to add pockets in the side seam (Oh how I love pockets).

Picture 002

Skirt 2

Cherrie from Willy Wagtail has made one of her wonderful tablecloth skirts. Every time I spot a circular tablecloth now, it makes me think about Cherrie's skirts.

Make it in May Skirt Challenge ~ Ginger Skirt

Skirt 3

Rachel from Four Wise Monkeys sewed this Collette Ginger Skirt while on a weekend away at Sewjourn (totally jealous).  I'm really loving the high waist and that cute front seam.

Skirt 4

Michelle from Buttontree Lane has made a freestyle no pattern skirt using this gorgeous ponti knit from Spotty (I totally want to try this out at home). Swooning over the rose print here...

You Sew Girl A-line skirt with vintage (1975) Simplicity pockets

Skirt 5

Lara from Thornberry has made a denim version of Nikki's You Sew Girl A-Line skirt with gorgeous yellow topstitching, and groovy pockets from a vintage pattern.

Skirt 6

Sarah from If I Only Had Chocolate has also made Nikki's You Sew Girl A-Line skirt.

I can't seem to work out how to retrieve a photo from her slideshow to show you!

Thankyou so much for joining in the fun ladies!

Please follow the links and check out all the details on each post.

These sew-alongs are fantastic for gaining really useful sewing tips and tricks. Seeing how people can make simple modifications for a better fit for their particular body shape, or how adding a little embellishment like coloured top stitching can such a difference, is a real eye-opener and can make you much more brave when it comes to the challenge of sewing your own clothes.


simplestitches said...

what a wonderful variety of skirts...well done ladies!

willywagtail said...

Thanks Cam. This blogging caper sure makes us more aware of different styles. I think you have made a lot of ladies happy this month because, not only did they sew, but they also sewed for themselves instead of always for others. Cherrie