Friday, May 18, 2012

You Are The Sugar In My Tea

I spotted this print by Fox and Beau on Twitter earlier this week and it totally tickled my fancy.

Everyone loves to make fun of the things I eat and drink - think - bacon/chocolate/cake/sugar/milo/raspberry cordial/kabana/vegemite etc etc... and, actually, I quite like to poke fun at myself with it too. 

I have this complex daily blend of caffeine, sugar and red food colouring that keeps me going and going and going....

* I do actually eat other healthy foods - they're just not interesting enough to take photos and put on instagram

** One of the most important things prior to transplant is to maintain muscle and weight. Between the dodgy lungs, the overworked heart and all the steroids, I actually need all that sugar (and protein). Therefore, I don't recommend my eating plan to anyone else


sister outlaws said...

My teenage daughter eats like you and she doesn't need to maintain muscle and weight! Ah...raspberry cordial. I used to love it so much as a kid that it was the thing I would give up for Lent! Thanks for the health warning at the bottom of the post!(I don't eat any sugar or substitutes and last night I dreamt I was eating a whole jar of lollies!!!)

Rie said...

....what if you don't have sugar in tea??

m.e (Cathie) said...

love it! i love hearing about what you eat!
sweeet ♥

Cherie said...

Sounds deelish, how good to eat all that yummy stuff that extends my girth! If it does the job then enjoy every morsel with no qualms Darlingheart. xo

Carly Findlay said...

I love the food groups you have :)

And cute picture!

Selina said...

love this print!

hehe, and love your little disclaimer at the end! it's funny how many people tell me they wish they had my problem so they could eat all the chocolate and sugar they wanted and not have to worry about it. pffft, ignorance really is bliss!