Wednesday, May 23, 2012


When I designed my current range of fabrics and ordered sample swatches, it included this fabric design which I originally created a little while ago as a background banner for my sister.

I just happened to show the sample swatch to Cathy at around the same time as I was racking my brain trying to come up with a handmade birthday pressie.

Check out Little Cat in the background

I completely forgot to take any photos after I'd finished, so I had to wait until she unwrapped it, and then I snapped a couple of quick iPhone photos... the outside

... and the Kindle Touch snuggled up inside (check out the matchy matchy lining - Linear in Tangerine)

But do you know what I was more impressed by?

Cathy's amazing homemade cream buns - heaven!


Melissa G said...

The fabric is lovely. The colours you use manage to be bright without being overbearing.
Goodness, just look at that massive fluffy cat. And I thought I had a large cat. :)
Mmm, cream buns [drool drool drool].

sister outlaws said...

Homemade? They look amazing indeed!Love that fabric Cam!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Me and my Kindle are very,very happy. It's been traveling everywhere with me these past few days, and now I don't have to worry about it getting scratched.

I think I'll have to keep practicing with those cream buns till I get the texture right. But I did think they looked pretty impressive.

Michelle said...

That case is so fantastic. But the cream buns! Oh my! (I'm easily distracted)

Ady said...

Love the fabric and the case is fab but ooo - those cream buns .... I am feeling quite peckish now! ;-)

Tracy VT said...

I always love the zany designs you create in your fabrics! what fun! ...something I'd like to try alter on...but I must ask you, where do you get your CurlyPops labels made? I've been looking at a few site but I was curious....They really help the work look extra special!
PS the buns look amazing!

Bron said...

You really are on a roll with your the colours xx