Monday, December 5, 2011

Adding to the iRange - New iPad Sleeves

I've been working on these iPad sleeves for a little while now, so I'm very excited to finally have them ready!

The front panels feature my hand drawn illustrations, and of course, the fabrics have been printed right here in Melbourne.

These iPad Sleeves are available in the shop right now, and you can also find them at Open Drawer.


sister outlaws said...

Dear Santa!
Please bring me an ipad so I can get a curlypops ipad cover.
Thanks, Julianne

mel @ loved handmade said...

Brilliant! Also, forgot to thank you for the sweet dragster badge you popped into the ipod pouch, we love it!

Michelle said...

Makes me want to buy an ipad, just for one of these!

Lotti said...

Those ipad covers are so awesome ... really nice ... I love the covers with the bikes on it. Yeah I'm with the others, I want an ipad so I can buy a cover.

Christy said...

Most stylish ipad sleeves I've ever seen! Now I want an iPad. ;)

Santhy Nurhayanty said...

love the owl ^_^