Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Very Special Collaboration for Charity

Anna from Shiny Happy Art and myself have been working behind the scenes on something very special...

We wanted to do something to support our favourite charities this Christmas, and decided to combine our arty/crafty talents for this completely unique Shiny Happy Art / CurlyPops handbag.

The handbag will be auctioned and the highest bidder will be the winner. 100% of the proceeds will be split evenly and donated to our two chosen charities.

Charity 1.

I've chosen to donate to the Margaret Pratt Foundation Heart Lung Transplant Trust.

This one is quite obviously quite close to my heart, as I'm waiting for a double lung transplant.

After my transplant, the major problem which I'll face is organ rejection. The foundation provides funds for research grants via the Alfred Hospital to improve the outcomes for heart and lung transplant recipients.

I'm hoping that the more the scientists can research the causes of rejection, the more likely they can provide treatments so that my new lungs will last as long as possible!

Charity 2.

In Anna's words....

I've chosen to donate to Scarlett Kisses Project.

This project gifts small photo frames to mothers in hospital who have just lost their baby to stillbirth or neonatal death. The frame is wrapped with a SANDS brochure and tied with a sweet tag. My second baby, Caitlin, was stillborn so it's a cause close to my heart.
My friend Jen, who I met through SANDS, thought up and started the project herself, saving up and buying frames when they were on sale, in memory of her stillborn baby, Scarlett.
It's just a little project now, but I'd love to support it and help it grow. When your baby dies it's a very lonely grief. The hospital staff will usually take photos for you, and maybe hand and foot prints ... whatever they can. This frame gives the mother somewhere special to put that first photo, honouring that little soul.

I have a Scarlett Kisses page on my website about it,  and I recently started a Scarlett Kisses Facebook page.

The hankies that I sell all support the project.

About the Flying Hearts Painting

In Anna's words...
The painting is my favourite from my "Flying Hearts" series.  The original is a mixed media piece, using screenprinting, acrylic painting, collage and shiny shiny varnish on canvas. This artwork is also available on a cushion, in my current range.

About the Handbag

The front features Anna's gorgeous Flying Hearts panel. I used a plain black cotton drill for the rear and the straps as I really wanted the Flying Heart to 'sing'.
The handbag is a large size - approximately 36 cms wide x 36 cms tall.
The interior features a double pocket and a magnetic snap closure.
There are two straps measuring approximately 70cm long each.

Auction Details (ie the fine print...)

  1. Bidding begins right now at $40 - just leave your bid in the comments (please ensure you have a valid User ID or leave your email address for contact).
  2. Bidding ends at 8PM AEDST Saturday 17th December
  3. Highest bidder wins
  4. Paypal payment is preferred so that the handbag can be express posted to the winner on Monday 19th December  (in time for Christmas)
  5. Please start bidding!

PS - here's the code if you would like to pop a little button on the side of your blog....

<a href="http://curlypops.blogspot.com/2011/12/very-special-collaboration-for-charity.html"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7028/6501759549_0d3c3b42cb_o.jpg" />


Lotti said...

That bag is just devine. What a wonderful collaboration ..... I just love the heart it is so beautiful.

simplestitches said...

gorgeous bag...my bid is $45
thanks Julz

nicole said...

it looks amazing! terrific collab work guys!

Jennie said...

Fab idea you guys! And such wonderful charities - my very good friend in England lost her daughter at 2 1/2 days old. Unbearable grief I will never forget. $60 bid.XX

H4S said...

I'll throw in a bid for $60.

H4S said...

Cam, if you make a button for this auction, I'll pop it onto my blog for you!

mel @ loved handmade said...

Wonderful cause(s) and a gorgeous bag! My bid is $70..

Cherie said...

Gorgeous, love the bag.
I'll add the button to my blog and bid $100.00 please!

trudi@maudeandme said...

Good luck with the auction.
Have stuck up the button.

bec said...

An amazing bag, for 2 very wonderful causes! By 2 excellent peeps, of course! I'll promote the hell out of, and bid $120- and for the charities sake, I hope I get outbid!!

Michelle said...

What a fantastic collaboration! Love both your work, I'll go $130. Xx

Naturally Carol said...

All the best..a beautiful collaboration!

Kylie said...

Looks amazing ladies! I can't believe I missed this... I hope you do it all again soon.

MooBear Designs said...

That is so beautiful and what an impressive bid! Sorry I missed it Hun...

Xo Steph