Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A tour of Open Drawer

When I visited Open Drawer to stock up my crafty goodies last week, I took some happy snaps so that I could take you on a little tour and show you some of my favourite things.

I only had my iPhone so I apologise in advance about the photo quality.

I love that each time I visit, there are always lots of new pieces to drool over.

I spotted these beautiful stitched blind contour drawings by Sarah Daly as soon as I walked in the door.  Sarah is one of the new artists stocked at Open Drawer.

I've added the little yellow birdie to my wish list....

There are also beautiful handmade christmas decorations. All of the hexie lovers in blogland would love these!

These new poppet dolls by Rozie Hart are completely adorable. Each one has a name and a little backstory!

Now these have been on my wish list for a little while now. Beautiful textile art by Nola Bailey.

If you're in Melbourne, I highly recommend a visit. Make sure you allow plenty of time to explore the retail gallery, the back room, and the upstairs gallery. The extra bonus is that there's also a lovely little cafe just two doors away!

1158 Toorak Road
Camberwell (Hartwell Village)
Victoria 3124
Mel. Ref (60 C6) See Contact Us page for map
Tram No 75 - Stop No. 52


Anna Bartlett said...

I'm saving up to come to Melbourne - will definitely add it to my 'must visit' list!

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Cam, it looks like a lovely shop, I really like those fabric pursey thingos in the top pic.

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting on this. I think I might treat myself to a drive next week if I'm feeling better. Most of my christmas gifts will be made by me, but I've already spotted in your photos, some gorgeous potential prezzies for a couple of people. (and maybe one from me to me...)

Bron said...

wow - so many pretty things!

Michelle said...

I think I need to take a field trip!

rockmelon said...

really enjoyed the virtual tour, very drool-ish indeed!