Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Blog-A-Long Day 1

 Photo taken from inside the window at Open Drawer today

I'm not quite sure what happened to this year, but I blinked, and now it's December already!

I decided that I couldn't resist signing up for Car's Advent Blog-A-Long.

We never bothered with advent calendars when I was a kiddie-lid. The first time I actually realised what they were was when I discovered craft blogs. It's completely amazing how much time and effort goes into them - wow!

I can't promise that my advent blogging will be quite so christmassy and you won't find a daily dose of chocolate (unless you come over to my place and find my secret out-of-childrens-reach chocolate cupboard)....but I will definitely try.

Why not pop on over and sign up for some fun.


Michelle said...

Oh I love that Christmas display in the window at Open Drawer! Beautiful!

Car said...

My mum made an advent when we were growing up of a teddy on a quilt we had to pin him on different places each day!

Nowadays I have the drawers filled with chocolates and mini ornaments and we are trying a new one this year too - more on that in the coming days!

Bron said...

That advent chocolate is over-rated! Gorgeous window - I'm loving paper ornaments this year!

Jennifer Rose said...

should never had said you have a cupboard with chocolate, anyone who comes over will spend all their time looking for it :p