Monday, May 7, 2012

The Make It In May Skirt Challenge First Finishers

We're only a week into the month and there's already three finished skirts. Whoah that was speedy work!

I had grand plans yesterday, but then had a little detour, so fingers crossed for a start today.

Photo Courtesy
This lovely skirt (Simplicity 2226) is by Lisa from The Princess and The Monkey.  Pop on over to her blog for all of the pattern details. I've already added this to my pattern wishlist as I think it will really suit my shape too!

It has pockets (my obsession)...

Thankyou Lisa.

Photo Courtesy
Next up is this gorgeous Wrap Skirt (from Nikki's You Sew Girl Book) by Leonie from News Views Clues & Reviews.

Leonie is an artist and has added a screen printed panel of one of her own works to the front. Gorgeous!

Thankyou Leonie.

Photo Courtesy
Finally for today, this amazing skirt is a Jody Pearl Splice Skirt by Wanda from WandaWorks.

It's just beautiful!

Thankyou Wanda.

So, first post and three completely different skirts!

The wonderful thing about this challenge is that by the end of the month there's going to be a whole range of different skirts that will suit different shapes and sizes. So if you're looking for the perfect skirt pattern to suit your own body shape, I'm hoping that this will be a great resource.

You can still join in the challenge at any time during the month. Links to all of the completed skirts are on the sidebar.

Please join the Flickr Group and add photos of your finished creations during the month.

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6 comments: said...

I love the first one Cam, and great fabric.

Lisa said...

Thanks for including my skirt Cam. Can't wait to see some more

Tania said...

If only I could stop knitting long enough to whip up a skirt! (no, I am not going to knit myself a skirt - if that's where you were headed)...

Michelle said...

Wow! I love all three equally. Splendid efforts. Now the parentals have gone home I really should pull my finger out.

Sarah said...


They are FAaaaaST

AT least I have the pattern and all ingredients waiting now.

Tas said...

Wow. Those are three gorgeous skirts! Mine is still sitting, I have promised my boys their hoodies next but I will get there. I will!