Monday, July 11, 2011

Featured Hottie Number 34

PreLoved-Still Loved Tied Up

Today's lovely featured hottie is by Emma from The Handmade Amoeba.

PreLoved-Still Loved

Her hottie is titled 'Preloved...Still Loved'.

Handed down the generations;
but very much PreLoved...
... Still Loved!

PreLoved-Still Loved Patches

Pop on over to read about how she constructed it. Sounds like so much fun!

Thankyou Emma

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Naturally Carol said...

Oh..I think this one would be particularly soft and cuddly..I love the feel of 'worn in' fabric!

Unknown said...

Aw thank you for showing of my humble hottie!! I am stunned by the sheer variety and creativity of all the covers. There are no two even similar and there are so many interpretations of the brief! I feel honored to be part of the group. Thank you for all your hard work. You really are wonderful!