Sunday, July 10, 2011

Time for a Thankyou

I'm interrupting the Hottie transmissions thismorning for a couple of overdue thankyous!

When I opened up the hottie package from Ady last month, there was also a lovely little surprise package waiting for me.

Ady had quite obviously read my mind! I'm still wandering around with my keys attached to the wrist strap that I bought at the Design Market in July 2008. After three years of everyday use, I guess you can imagine what it looks like? Manky!

But look how pretty this new one is!

I'm going to put the coaster to very good use too........ right next to my sewing machine (I always have a cup of tea next to the machine).

Thankyou so much Ady!

I have one more thankyou for today too.

A little while back I appliqued a little tee for Lauren's bubba's 1st birthday party.

Look at the beautiful Convertible Kimono Cord Necklace that Lauren sent to me as a thankyou. Absolutely gorgeous!


Unknown said...

I love that necklace. So different to anything I have seen before.

Margaret said...

Some see beyond the gift to the giver, so rejoice in the gifts you truly deserve them as all your work and posts are captivating.

Annie said...

I just love that necklace

Ady said...

I'm so glad you liked both the coaster and the key wristlet.

That necklace is awesome!! Great colours.

Naturally Carol said...

Great gifts, I have never seen a necklace like it!