Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Featured Hottie Number 44

Brianna's Hottie 3

Tonights fabulous hottie is by Brianna (or B-Fab as we like to call her) from Rolling In Fabric

Brianna is a fantastic quilter... as you can see from her lovely patchwork hottie.

Brianna's Hottie 2

Stripey binding - swoon!

Thankyou so much Brianna.

It seems that I've made it to the end of the Hotties in the Flickr Group. If I haven't featured your hottie right here on the blog, please add it to the Flickr Group ASAP.

....and of course, if you haven't yet been to Open Drawer to see them in person, then quick sticks before the 24th!


sister outlaws said...

The colours are gorgeous. Swoon indeed!

KH said...

I'm loving all these hotties! Especially love this one, the colours are beautiful.
I've just restarted maybe one day I'll join in a challenge!

trudi@maudeandme said...

very pretty!

Cate said...

oh how beautiful!! They were all just so gorgeous - my kids were completely inspired and want to join in next year btw :-)

Naturally Carol said...

Yep! Very neat..and that stripey binding is perfection.