Monday, March 31, 2008

Aprons, Blankies and Pouches

I had a busy day today stitching up a storm (and making bias tape for everything I can think of!)

Last week I won another giveaway on Joanne's blog. I'm starting to feel a bit guilty because I've won three giveaways in the space of about 6 weeks.

Anyhow, Joanne wasn't having a great birthday so I decided to send her a pressie.

I made her this reversible apron (with bias tape on the edges)......

....and packaged it up and popped it in the post. Happy Birthday Joanne, hope you like it!

It's my brother in laws birthday tomorrow so my sister ordered this belt buckle for him from Randitan. The belt buckle is made from old car licence plates. Randi makes heaps of other cool things including funky earrings and pendants. I sewed up a little blue pouch to pack it in.

Then I finally made a moo moo blankie for my nephew Moo Moo (also with bias tape).

Latest report from Mr CurlyPops is that he has bought me some .........fabric! I can't wait to see what he has picked........and bring on April 1st so my internet connection resets!


A Spoon Full Of Sugar said...

Joanne is going to LOVE that apron - it is so pretty. The packaging looks great also - good use of your button stash. You have had a productive Monday!

Leigh said...

Everything that you make is gorgeous, I love it all! Joanne is going to adore her BD goodie! You are just as nice as the stuff you make!!!

I can't wait to see the fabric hubby picked out!

Drewzel said...

I love that apron!

And hey, it's April 1, back to teh interwebs for you!!!

Jelly Wares said...

What a thoughtful idea... Joanne is just going to love that apron, I'm sure receiving it will just make her day...

Jodie ;)

sewfunky said...

I am loving the fabric you used! Orange is a favourite colour of mine.


Skye Rocket Sews said...

Your bias tape looks great!I need to get me one of them.Love the orange tape and the black and white spots.So cute and it looks really professional.Thanks for tagging me on my blog,haven't gotten there yet.
Mel. x

Melissa Haworth said...

great fabrics! The slow internet must be good for the sewing time--you've gotten a ton done!