Friday, March 14, 2008

A cool change

The cool change has finally hit Melbourne (until it heats up again tomorrow anyway).

Today I had to move into the kitchen yet again as it's the only room with air-conditioning.

I started on this quilt top which is going to Mum's house for when she's on babysitting duty. The border is a nice thick corduroy. I'm hoping to finish it off tomorrow.

Libby received her pay it forward gift yesterday, check out her excellent modelling on her fab blog!

Now, I'm going to go and savour the cool breeze and open every window and door in the house!


BigCat said...

How exciting that you are joining in the Art Swap. We have a few people playing along now which makes it even more fun.

You have so many lovely things on your blog. I am sure you will make something great for the art swap too.

Leigh said...

That fabic is gorgeous, love the quilt! Try not to melt in all that heat you all are having!

Jenny said...

Love the colours you've chosen. Enjoy the cool change-we are still waiting for ours!

Chalk and Cheese said...

What a great idea putting the red corduroy around the edges!!I love the colours too!!