Wednesday, March 5, 2008

On My Desk.......on a Wednesday

I'm playing along with Kirsty with 'On my desk...on a Wednesday'.
If you are a part of this, then pretend that you didn't see this photo!


kitty's kaboodle said...

oh no.. I'm a part of this, I look forward to receiving your mix. My cd's should be in the mail shortly.
Your desk is very tidy today, how do you do it?

starashan said...

I love the covers you've made- and I love your funky glasses!!

kitty's kaboodle said...

RE: Craft Vic
There's heaps of carparks on flinders st, and I think you can park on flinders lane 1 hr only perhaps. I don't drive myself, hence the unsurity.

Corrie said...

um that looks pretty neat to me

I'm going to brown owls on 17th! hope you'll be there!!!


Kirsty said...

Your "chicks mix" looks groovy baby.