Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thrifted Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday's adventures took me to Footscray so I stopped off at the Brotherhood of St Laurence on Geelong Rd, Kingsville.
They didn't have any craft supplies but they did have a great book section and all books were only $1 each. I also bought 2 pairs of jeans (all jeans are $4 a pair) but they're already in the washing machine and I forgot to take a photo first. I didn't try them on, but at $4 a pair, if they don't fit, then I'll just chop them up and make them into something else!

Today's little adventure took me to Sunshine so I stopped off at The Salvos in Deer Park.

I found this big bag of was marked $15 but they gave it to me for $8.75. They're a bit grubby so I'm going to wash them tonight and see if I find any gems. It's a bit like fossicking for gold!

As I was searching through the clothes, I noticed a lot of items that had originally had Suzanne Grae tags but they'd been cut off. I picked out a few that I wanted to buy.

This brown three quarter sleeve shirt for $6.75.....

This dress for $10.25....I think it's purple satin underneath and then it has a black lace overlay....

......and this red t-shirt for $4.75.

I asked the lady at the counter about them and they are all new items that have been donated by Suzanne Grae. Each one has a flaw, but they are all brand new. The brown shirt has some loose stitiching which I can fix with a needle and thread, the dress needs a new zip (I can't do this but my mother-in-law can do it for me), and the red shirt is missing a decorative button at the front which I can also fix myself. There are lots of tops to choose from but you have to check for faults and also for sizing as they've removed the sizes when they've cut the tags off!

I also found this pretty little skirt which is way too small for me but I think the fabric will make a nice handbag.


Claire Falkingham said...

Great finds, the dress` is particularly cute!

zoesquid said...

Terrific finds - love the fabric in the skirt, look forward to see what you do with it.

cookie said...

good day shopping!
cant wait to see the bag..

Dees said...

What great finds!!Love the little skirt,but agree no one fits into that!handbag will be perfect!xoxo

Meggy said...

Don't you just love a baqrgain!

A Spoon Full Of Sugar said...

Very productive outing by the looks of it! That bag of buttons was a great find. You will enjoy reading "Odd Socks" it is in a series of three books and they are hiliarious.