Thursday, March 27, 2008

More lovely mail!

Look what the postie delivered today! Some gorgeous fabric that I ordered from Corrie at Retromummy. She's having a sale until Sunday so get in while you can.

I'm going to use the blue Jack & the Beanstalk fabric to make something for my twin nephews who are on the way (maybe some small snuggle blankies). I think I might applique the monkeys onto some t-shirts or use some as a feature panel on some bibs.

The polkadots are all for me me me! Just have to decide what I want to make for me me me!

Also in todays mail were the Clover Bias Tape Makers that I ordered from Clegs on Monday.

Now I can start on the flannel wraps using this huge stash of fabric!
I wonder if the Postie is sick of delivering parcels yet???


Kirsty said...

Have fun with that bias tape maker - you know your gunna.

sewfunky said...

I'm so jealous of the bias tap maker!!! I SOOOOO want one!

Think of all the fun to be had. That fabric is super awesome too!

Suffering from green envy here.

Corrie said...

I couldn't resist adding in the monkeys!!!!!

becareful with those bias tape markers! I couldn't get the hang of them and ended up buying the $3 birch ones which worked for me first time...maybe it was me

Maureen said...

I used to hate making bias tape back in my sewing days. I think I will look for one 1st...before I consider making my aprons.

Good hint; I had forgotten about such things.

Anonymous said...

i have been eyeing those bias tape makers, not sure how they would go. thankyou for your recommendation.