Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mail and prototypes

I received my gorgeous Chocolate and Steel necklace in the mail yesterday. Christine also added some length to the chain for me to fit my fat neck! Look at the pretty packaging.

This is a prototype that I made yesterday. My sister has asked me to make some covers for her Baby Bjorn. I laid the Baby Bjorn on top of some paper and traced around it to create a pattern.

The top part is sewn together (leaving openings to feed the straps through). With the bottom section, I'm not sure whether I should sew the seams together or whether I should just add snaps. I'm thinking that the snaps will make it much easier to take on and off so it can be washed. This first try has ended up being a bit too small anyway so I need to re-jig the pattern today.

I'll be back later with 'On my desk on a Wednesday'


Stacey said...

What a great idea those Baby Bjorn covers are. So much cuter than the original covers and great to whip off and wash when the little one pukes all over it.

Michelle said...

Hi, thanks for your welcome message on my blog! How did you find me? Not sure how this all works yet....

Your baby bjorn cover is absolutely fantastic - I live in my bjorn and am sick of the same old blue!