Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brown Owls & CD Swap

Lastnight was my second session at Brown Owls. I met some more lovely girls and caught up with some that I had met at my previous session. It was lots of fun again and the three hours flew by. I managed to stitch a bit faster this time so I finished my Sixer badge and started the Owl on my tote bag. I also bought some lovely fabric pieces with my Brownie Points from the Brown Owl shop.

The CD swap is in full swing and everyone should have received their Chicks Mix CD from me by now so here it is!

Artist.....Album....Song Title

Sara Storer....She Will Have Her Way....Won’t Give In
Katie Noonan....Skin....Special Ones
Brooke Fraser....Albertine....Deciphering Me
Kate Miller-Heidke....Home....River
Camille....Ministry Of Sound Chill Out 9....Ta Douleur
Missy Higgins....On a Clear Night....Forgive Me
Amiel....Audio Out....Lovesong
Natalie Imbruglia....She Will Have Her Way....Pineapple Head
Kylie Minogue....Sample People Soundtrack....The Real Thing
Vanessa Carlton....A Thousand Miles

I chose to have mainly aussie chicks because I really love australian music. I tried to choose songs that were a little out of the ordinary such as Sara Storer and Natalie Imbruglia singing Neil & Tim Finn, and Kylie Minogue singing a 70's classic. By the way, if you like weird and wonderful aussie movies, then look for Sample People. It's in the weird realm of 'Dogs In Space' but souped up for the 1990's and it has a weird and wonderful soundtrack to go with it.

If you're looking for a great CD, then you have to buy 'She Will Have Her Way - The Songs of Neil & Tim Finn'. It's full of great chicks singing great songs by Neil & Tim Finn. Another great one is Brooke Fraser who is a NZ chick, her CD 'Albertine' is fantastic and of course Katie Noonan (what a spectacular voice).

I've received 2 great chicks mixes in the mail so far and I'm definitely looking forward to the rest!


Leigh said...

I sure wish we had brown owls here! Your CD sounds like it would be great, I do have to check out some of the ladies that I have not heard before!

Thank you so much for the lovely pay it forward goodies! I feel like one of the luckiest bloggers ever, you rock!

Melissa Haworth said...

Just like Leigh I feel SO lucky on the pay it forward. What an incredible package--you've set the bar very high. Now that I'm back from my little break I finally will post about pay it forward. I'm a slacker...Thanks so much.

Corrie said...

great cd and wish I'd joined

were you tired this morning? I couldn't wake up this morning I was oh so tired..think I need a few more late nights to get used to it...you were a very diligent stitcher last night :)

zoesquid said...

Im so jealous. Wish I was there instead of being at the Kinder Committee. I've just emailed you. Catch up soon.

Jenaveve said...

Not only did your mix rock, so did the ingenious packaging! Loved it, thanks so much.

And yes, we very nearly did pick a few of the same tunes...