Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I went out for lunch again today with some friends that I used to work with........ and I received a lovely gift all wrapped up in floral paper. When I opened it, it was this gorgeous multicoloured handknitted scarf!

The lovely knitter and I worked together for eleven and a half years.......and I had no idea that she could knit! She whipped this up for me on the weekend while sitting in front of the fire (it was very chilly in Melbourne last weekend).

We sat outside at Villa & Hut for lunch and I was lovely and toasty and warm with my new scarf around my neck. Thankyou Chrissy, I absolutely love it!


Drewzel said...

Don't you love knitters who can "just whip things up". :D

Bird Bath said...

I enjoy knitting when it gets colder...that scarf looks very cosy - How kind of your friend!