Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More fabric and a concrete patio

I've been very well behaved for the last couple of weeks and I haven't been anywhere near a fabric store......

.........until yesterday.

I decided that I needed some more prints to make bibs for boys - it's really difficult to find cool prints that are not too cutesy (if you know what I mean). The top photos shows some bargains that I found in the remnants bin.

I also bought some dark red corduroy, three blue prints for bibs, and some green floral material which will come in handy for something eventually!

We finished the patio yesterday....it's an exposed aggregate finish so you can see all the pebbles at the surface. Now all we need is a front fence (planned to be built next Monday) and I'll be able to walk out of the kitchen and eat brekky while sitting under the tree. We also put some conduit under the concrete so we can string up fairy lights all over the tree - it will be an instant christmas tree every December.

Now we just have re-landscape the garden over the Easter break. Does anyone have any suggestions for drought tolerant shade loving plants?

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zoesquid said...

Youve gotta be happy with that patio!