Sunday, February 24, 2008

Only one more sleep!

Woo Hoo!
I'm a little shy so you might find me hiding in the corner but I'll be there!


Jenny said...

Have fun! I am a Faraway Brownie but it is not quite the same as being there in person:)

Jelly Wares said...

I hope you have a wonderful time... There's nothing better than metting like minded people!!! Can't wait for you to tell us all how it went..


Corrie said...

hi there

it was so great to meet you and yes I did keep my bday a secret!!!!! I'm so glad you commented because I got in the car and went 'doh I don't have cam's blog!!!!!!!

have a good week and I've signed up now as a brownie so I'm hoping i'll get in for the 17th!


Sandra Evertson said...

Sandra Evertson

sewfunky said...

I want to be one too! Have a lot of fun!

zoesquid said...

Hi Cam,
It was nice to meet you last night (albeit breifly!). Next time I'll try not to be so shy. It was a great night and terrific to meet some like minded girls! See you again soon