Friday, February 22, 2008

This weeks mail & a little shopping

This lovely little package arrived in the mail on Tuesday. It's my Brown Owls welcome bag! I loved everything but especially loved the Smencil. Such a cool idea.

This lovely little parcel arrived in the mail on Wednesday. It's an old butter dish that I bought from Ebay. Now that I'm getting fruit, veg, bread, milk, butter and eggs delivered, I needed a proper butter dish so that I could keep it on the bench (it's a bit too difficult to spread straight from the fridge).

The front fence was finished yesterday. This is now the view from the kitchen. Sorry about the photo but I need to clean the french doors as they are all dusty now!

This means that the weekend will be spent cleaning up the garden. I still need to find some plants that are shade loving and drought tolerant. I might just go and check out the local nursery and ask them for some advice (I'm really really bad at gardening).

I managed to finish the bibs for my mums friends grandaughter. Hope she likes them!

Just to finish off, I went back to the Mambourin book shop and found some more craft books. I think these were $2 each. What a bargain! If I but any more craft books I'm going to have to start searching Ebay for some more bookshelves.


Chalk and Cheese said...

How did you do the edges on your bibs? Did you put right sides together and then turn them inside out or did you do something else? I cut up a groovy towel a few months back into bibs but haven't got around to finishing them yet!!

Suse said...

Butter dishes rule! Yours looks like those old fashioned cheese dishes, with that raised end. Lucky you.

For dry shade plants, try plectranthus argentatus, and euphorbia wulfennii. Both great performers with fab foliage.

Little Munchkins said...

I love the butter dish! Looks really retro.

Wyanne said...

Your bibs are great. I wish I had the patience to sew. I think I should just stick to painting. Best wishes. Love, Wyanne

Leigh said...

I love the dish! Your bibs are too cute! I can't wait to see what blooms in your garden!