Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On my desk....on a Wednesday.....updated

I'm playing along with Kirsty with 'On my desk...on a Wednesday'.

My desk is not usually this messay but I do have an excuse this week. My kitchen floors have had their second coat of varnish today and there's still a third coat tomorrow and then we can't move the furniture back in until Sunday!

I've had to take the small craft table out of the study (which is also my sewing room) to make a tea and coffee station in the loungeroom (I can exist on takeaway food for a week but I must have access to tea and coffee at all times). Now everything that was on the craft table is on the study desk.

Hopefully next weeks photo will be more civilised!

Update: The pile of books are all of the crafty books that I have bought from the Mambourin Book Shop (they are old library books that the library have donated to Mambourin to sell) - see photos of these on previous posts.

Except for this large crafty book that was on the bottom of the pile. My mum found this for me at a local garage sale. It's the Womans Day Complete Book of Handicrafts published in 1973. It has every craft you could ever think of. I will post some photos of my fave projects from this book tomorrow.


starashan said...

so whatchya reading?? I love a good pile of books! :o)

Kirsty said...

I was thinking the same thing as Sherrin. I can see they are from the library. Thanks for playing.

Kirsty said...

Oh & I think the one on the bottom is crafty & good.

Jo said...

that one at the bottom looks like fun! would love to see a couple of the projects in it.

I look forward to seeing your 'normal' desk next week - I joined in the fun too :)