Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 review

2008 review
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I started this little crafty blog on January 15th 2008, and never realized just how much fun it could be, and just how many people I would end up meeting online and in real life. I have lots and lots of new bestie blog friends which is fantastic!

Who would have thunk (is that even a word) it, that when I started up, I would end up at this point on blog post number 523 for the year.

I’ve decided to list the crafty highlights of my year:

There have been meme’s:

This is
On My Desk
Just a Minute
Love Friday
What I’m Wearing Wednesday
Eye Spy
Sunday Stash

There have been lots of softies:

Hearts for Mirabel
Softies for Mirabel
The Toy Society

There have been CD Swaps and Art Swaps and Pay it Forwards

I joined in for crafty adventures with other creative souls:

Brown Owls
Thornbury Craft Bonanza
Purse Making Class

Hoppo Bumpo Stencil Along

There have been lots of crafty things to make:

Birthday Pressies
Bibs and Blankies
Christmas Pressies

There’s always plenty of food to share

There were lots of lovely and generous packages in the mail

My op-shopping addictions and expeditions became much more severe and frequent and I found a new op-shopping partner-in-crime!

I opened The CurlyPops Shop and actually made some sales – thanks so much to everyone who supported me in this.

I failed in my attempts to crochet, but I did actually learn how to knit.

I bought waaaaaay tooooooo much fabric

I learned how to use my overlocker

There was the super fabulous month of Blogtoberfest… what a hoot, and 71 posts that month

There was some reading amongst the crafting (even if most of it was craft books)

Phew….. I think I need a holiday!

Happy New Year


Jessica Lonard (The Crafty Librarian) said...

I've loved reading your blog this year, it has been fabulous! I have enjoyed this wrap up of 2008...I may have to do a (condensed) version as you have got up to so much more than I have!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

WOW - 523 posts is most impressive - you certainly have been busy in 08. Looking forward to loads more Curly Pops inspiration in 2009 - have a good one!!

PaisleyJade said...

Wow - you have done well! Looking forward to more of your amazing posts in 2009!

Flor Larios Art said...

Yuo have a very nice blog!
Have a great new year!

angelique said...

You have had a super year curlypops. I hope next year is as busy and exciting.

Drewzel said...

Happy New Year Cam!!!

Ulla said...

It has been nice to follow your blog and all the things you have achieved. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

You sure have had a great year. And mine has been made more enjoyable through reading your blog since I discovered you (or you me) way back when. All the best for 2009!!


Cindy said...

Love your year in review! Happy new year May it bring happiness and crafty goodness.

Megan.K. said...

Yay for your year in review! I too have loved reading your blog, and will happily keep visiitng Curlypop-land. Wishing you lots more fun times in 2009!
x Megan

Lindsay said...

I have loved reading your blog, and can't wait to see all things in store for 2009!!! Wishing you all the best for the New Year!!

Louise said...

Wow that's an impressive amount of posts and work - you deserve a rest. Well done and look at all the gorgeous colour you have used. By the way, the tea towel apron is sensational and I have two perfect tea towels ready to apronify - thanks for the inspiration!! Happy New Year, may 2009 be as productive and fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year - so happy to have 'met' you through the online crafty community this year :-)

Libby said...

Happy new Year, thanks for making 2008 a crafty one, here's to 2009 x

Renae said...

523 - That's awesome!
I really enjoy your blog and can't wait to see where 2009 leads you!

-Ren :)

Melanie said...

That was an awesome attempt for such a short time in blogworld and I am exhausted looking at all you have done.
What a nice way to present your 2008 review and what a pleasure it is reading through it.
Cheers. Have a lovely 2009

Jackie said...

Hi, I've just spent a lovely 1/2 hour reading about your op shopping adventures and bargains. I luv to visit op shops as well, preferably the small ones as I luv to rummage around and find those treasures. Unfortunately I don't do it as often as I would like, work committments etc. Also, I have just started to make some pinnies and just love the pineapple pinnie. Now I know what to do with those souvenier tea towels one tends to buy on holiday. Happy op shopping in 2009.

SadieandLance said...

Happy New Year Cam, what a great way to wrap up 2008!

Michelle said...

What an amazing effort for 2008! You've achieved so much and it's all fabulous! I'm most impressed!

Here's to 2009, hope it's just as good for you.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

What a lovely wrap up of the year. It certainly shows how much you have accomplished.

Unknown said...

Happy new year! I've loved reading your blog and friendly comments. Looking forward to more in 2009 - hope it's a good year for you :)

Jenny said...

You have had a busy and productive year and I too have enjoyed reading your blog and will continue to do so in 2009-Happy New Year to you!

muralimanohar said...

523? And I was feeling all big that I got over 200 last year. :p

Congratulations!! :D

Liesl said...

And a fabulous blog its been too! I have loved following all your crafty adventures and knowing that there was something fun to read each day.

Here's to a very crafty 2009 ... I can't wait to see what you get up to.

Happy new year! Liesl xx

Bek said...

Congratulations on a great blogging 2008! I had no idea that your blog was so new. I started in August 2008 and had assumed you were a long time resident in blog land! I subscribe to your blog so I can keep up with all the crafty stuff you get up too. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in 2009.