Friday, December 19, 2008

The last minute christmas list

Photo - Master X's glitter hands after sprinkling reindeer dust Christmas Eve 2007

I need to get a couple more things finished for Christmas and if I don't write myself a list, I'm sure to forget!

Last year I made Reindeer Dust for all the kiddies. I saw it on a few different blogs last year, but I didn't save the links so I apologise in advance for not linking.

It's really simple - I just mixed bird seed and glitter and put it in little ziplock bags. I then put them inside handmade fabric drawstring bags and attached the little instruction card which reads:

**** Magic Reindeer Dust ****
On Christmas Eve,
Sprinkle all over your lawn,
The glitter will shine in the moonlight,
And lead santa to your door before dawn.

I still have leftover bird seed from last year.... I just need to find it.

The other extremely important thing that I need to make, is a softie for this weekends huge worldwide synchronised Toy Society drop. It's all very exciting! I just need to hunt through the stash to find the perfect fabric.... wish me luck.


Sandi said...

I can just imagine my ducks finding the 'reindeer dust'. (perhaps they might leave behind rather sparkly ... um.....fertiliser) hee hee.

Super Monkey said...

What do you mean last minute? That makes it sound like I won't finish all the things I still have to make!


Super Monkey said...
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whojen said...

you have a nice blog:D

Sarah said...

We do reindeer food as well but we use oats, oat bran and glitter. We made a big batch as well for all the little kiddies in the family. Boys were most unimpressed they did not have a bigger batch!

Nikki said...

WHat a lovely idea!!

handmaiden said...

I wish I had some kids and a garden to try this. looks fab