Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ok enough already.....

I promise that this is the very last time you'll see any photos of shorts for the rest of the year.
I'm not good at sweat shop sewing... I get really bored making the same thing over and over and over and over...... so this is the end of it.
Two more little pairs of size 1 shorts for Nico.

Size 8 for Master B.

and Size 10 for Master X.

I've never tried to make big boys shorts before so I really hope they fit.

After all of those shorts, it's time for something girly again. Stacey suggested that the op-shop fabric would look really nice as a skirt, so I've dragged out the skirt pattern that I bought months ago from Clegs to give it a whirl.

I'm hopeless at following instructions but I did actually try to read them properly before I started this time (even though it's really boring). So far I've cut out the pieces that I need, and I've managed to iron and sew the four pleats back to front...... needless to say, that I'm now taking a frustration break before I go back and unpick and try again!

I'm a little nervous because the skirt has a side zipper, and I've only attempted to sew in a zipper three times in my life, and never into an item of clothing..... so it could all go terribly terribly wrong.

In other news, I decided not to send christmas cards this year, because it would have been just too weird to send them just from me...... but today I received a joint christmas card in the mail. Clearly, there are some people who are still a little behind the times. I really thought the gossip would have spread like wildfire.. but it seems I'm mistaken.


Sarah said...

You have been s productive...

Do what you feel right. IT may be to soon to be tackling this sort of thing. Let it happen when you are ready.

Is the sale through - like permanent now?

Michelle said...

Lordy you've been a busy chook! I love all the things you've been making - I bet the boys will love them too!

Can't wait to see your skirt ;-)

And I hear you on the weird thing with cards and the news spreading. Strangely, this is the first year in YEARS I've sent cards. And the only one that Mr QM ever writes is to his ex-girlfriend and her husband. Now, that's wierd!

Unknown said...

Good job on the shorts , looking forward to the skirt .
Clare's Craftroom

Maureen Reynolds said...

No cards or letters or whatever for us this year, just because I don't have the energy for it.

You're right. There are some things not quite appropriate (or fun!) for including in a holiday card. "Oh btw..." UhUh.