Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I almost forgot (I'm sure I'm losing even more marbles as I get older), that I was tagged this week by The Essess, Pink Licorice Life and Kats Creations (thankyou ladies).

The rules are simple:
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Write Six Random Things about yourself.
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  1. I can't watch AFL football unless my team is playing. Go Bombers!
  2. I really want to make myself a stencilled t-shirt with a print that reads 'Stop staring at me' to wear on my outings to the shops and the supermarket, but I'm not sure whether other people would find that offensive.
  3. My favourite item of clothing to wear is jeans with a nice top
  4. I hate getting out of bed in the morning...it's a struggle
  5. My brain doesn't switch off when I go to bed. I can lie there for hours thinking and worrying and coming up with great blog posts that I can never remember in the morning.
  6. I love blogging (ok, so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that out).

I'm going to tag some Blogtoberfesters: Hanging with my Nomies, Bellgirl, Taccolina, Two Pink Possums, The Princess & The Monkey, and Badskirt.


Taccolina said...

Yay! I've been tagged... (Races around like lunatic child in the playground, yelling; 'I'm it, you're it!' Etcetetra...)

Taccolina said...

PS: Etcetetra is a nice new word, don't you think? Shades of geometric references... good for quilters....

BigCat said...

Who cares what other people think. You should definitely make the tshirt.

I'm a Bombers supporter too you know. How about that.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Another Bombers supporter here. We can always hope for better things for them for next year!

I'm with Big Cat - whip out the the freezer paper and get that t-shirt happening. (Where are people's manners?) Maybe add a few expletives for good effect too.

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Make the T-Shirt!!!! I want to see it!
I think it's hilarious... my kind of humour..... is it supposed to be humour??

trashalou said...

You should definitely make the t-shirt. If I ever manage to find freezer paper (okay, must actually start looking properly ;-) it's going to read 'My face is up here!'

Anonymous said...

there are 2 things I can REALLY relate to not being able to get out of bed and the one about having great blog posts in your head once you are in bed then you can't remember them in the morning!! bummer. that always happens to me. Go on make the tshirt!! thanks for the tag!!

nomes said...

All done lovey, must dash crying baby...by the way Patchwork with gail b have frezzer paper if you need it

cindy said...

I think the shirt should say - "Don't look, this kind of beauty can make you breathless." Of course that may use a bit of freezer paper and cutting.
My brain doesn't always like to go to sleep either. I tried to have pen and paper by the bed to write stuff down and I ended up staying up all night writing.

THE ESSESS said...

You have to make that shirt! Maybe make me one with an arrow that says "Stare at my sister Punk I break your face"..Or something..

Danielle said...

YEAH a fellow Bombers supporter... and it seems we have a few more things in common... I am NOT a morning person at all AND my brain works three times as fast when I'm trying to sleep - very annoying!!

potty mouth mama said...

I say whip up that tee too!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the "tagging"! Just done mine.

Stacey said...

I often write my best posts in the middle of the night. Of course, I have forgotten them by the time I get up in the morning!
I have a big boobed friend who wants a t shirt that reads" eyes this way" with an up arrow.